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A country existing amidst a wide disparity of distribution of wealth, Nicaragua is home to hundreds of children who do not have access to clean water, safe schools, or proper educational tools. When Recurso arrived in Puerto Cabezas, Nicaragua for the first time on May 4, 2004, the country was in the midst of poverty due to years of social turmoil,  political disarray and an uneven distribution of wealth.

To give you a better idea of this imagine having to go to school outdoors without a roof to protect you from the burning sun or pouring rain and going to school where there are no concrete walls and the roof is made of plastic or tin foil. Think of sharing this school with almost 600 other children. Worst of all, Puerto Cabezas, located on the Eastern coast of Nicaragua is known to have heavy rains that cause floods and damage to homes and schools. Imagine not having any other clothes but the ones on your back. What if you walked an hour to school and it started to rain? The tin foil roof cannot keep out the rain and you have no other choice but to walk back home for another hour in the rain.

The solution: building a sustainable community that helps meet the basic needs of quality healthcare, sanitation, and education by establishing dental hygiene and pre-natal campaigns, water filter initiatives, and medical and school supply drives.

It is exactly at this moment in time and place that Recurso arrived. Forced to witness how several five to seven year olds lacked a real classroom, chairs, and school supplies was heart wrenching. One thing however that could not be broken, were the spirits of every one of these children and their willingness to learn and better themselves.

Since 2004, Recurso has made it its mission to lend a helping hand to the community of Puerto Cabezas in more ways than one. It managed to convince the Nicaraguan government to build an official school in Loma Verde for 600 children in 2005, created an International Service Program where 24 participants at the University of Florida provide 350-400 fluoride treatments to children ages eight through ten, and promoted a clean water initiative in 2007 to set up filters to purify water in clinics, a hospital, and in El Verbo orphanage. In 2008, Recurso administered eye exams and outfit both old and young generations of Puerto Cabezas with prescription glasses, as well as age-appropriate reading material.


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