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Peru is famous for its rich history and for being home to Machu Picchu, one of the Seven Wonders of the World.  However, there is more to the Andean country than meets the eye. To truly know Peru is to know true beauty in the people who live on its land, in the animals that grace its Amazon, and in every part of its terrain that stretches across the country.

Peru is home to more than 29 million people. It is a growing country economically and in population. Over the years, the increasing population, political issues and relocation of people to Lima have caused economic hardship. Each year in various regions across the country there are groups of people who live in extreme poverty. These people go without shelter, education, food and often die due to lack of basic resources.

The most affected population is Peru’s next generation, its children. Recurso was originally founded to assist children suffering from cancer or other life threatening illnesses in Peru. Over the years, this mission has expanded and Recurso is always evolving to address the needs of our community partners around the world. Peru is no exception.

The first International Service trip to Peru was in May 2006. For three weeks, 22 University of Florida students traveled to three different major cities, Lima, Trujillo and Cuzco, to aid those in need.  In the three weeks, in Peru, the students were able to address several issues such as access to clean water, shortage of food, hygiene, education, education on domestic violence and sexual exploitation.  They were able to visit orphanages and schools to donate food, school supplies and clothing.

Recurso continues to be in touch with our community partners in Peru about service trips in January 2011 and December 2011.


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