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A Glass of Milk

recurso international On our second day in Trujillo, I understood what a difference a few soybeans could make. With bottles of water in hand, trying desperately to stay hydrated against the raging sun, we ventured to the district of Porvenir. Surrounded by garbage, absolutely no paved roads, and dust, we managed to convince our taxi driver to take us deep into the area. What appeared to be houses from afar were actually two pieces of wood sticking up from the ground and straw. These homes had no roof; nothing to protect its inhabitants from the elements. Covering no more than an 8×10 foot space, the huts come closer to the size of a large American walk-in closet. The inhabitants of this place are lucky if they sleep on just a bare dirt floor; most sleep on piles of garbage, plastic bottles, cans, and plastic bags. I kept on thinking over and over again that eventually dust and wind would cover it all.

This is Sector 2, Alan Garcia, Porvenir. This is Peru.

We were welcomed into the home of one of the sector’s community leaders, Elba. Elba is in charge of the Vaso de Leche (Glass of Milk) program in the area. Unlike the other homes, Elba’s house was one of a handful that had a roof, was made of bricks, and was slightly larger in size, which made it easier to accommodate our meeting.

Elba explained that in the Vaso de Leche program had begun 24 years prior in the city of Trujillo. The program allows the poverty line affected families from provincial areas to receive 15 kilos of soybeans seeds every 15 days. Every family registered with the district’s leader is entitled to these soybean seeds. When grounded and mixed with water, the beans produce soymilk, which provides the nutrition children throughout the El Porvenir district and other areas of Trujillo rely on.

Just a handful of soybeans and water keep these children from being malnourished. Recurso aims to help facilitate the continuation and growth of the program.

Just one thought lingered as we walked away from this meeting and onto the next. Clean water. The kind of water we had been so desperately gulping down in the heat, which is so hard to come by in this region. The kind of water that is needed to satisfy thirst, and in this case, to mix with groundup soybeans to satisfy hunger.