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Planning in Peru

Happy New Year!

Ok, so we’re a little late, but we have a good reason. We’ve been focusing our resources on planning campaigns and projects for 2011 and 2012. In fact, our Founder, Eva, and Director of PR & Development, Susan, are scouting sites for Recurso‘s expansion plans in Peru.

After more than 32 hours of travel, several canceled flights, and a 9 hour bus ride, Susan arrived to her destination in Peru. She and another member of Recurso have been in Peru since January 1st surveying possible project sites. Eva joined Susan on January 4th, 5 flights and 60 hours of travel later. (Did we mention that Eva really doesn’t like planes?)

As Recurso continues to expand and explore future possibilities and partnerships, Eva and Susan found it imperative to meet with these local experts in their country and to see the needs of these communities first hand.

So far they have met with more than several community partner groups and 60 local community group members. They have also met with 8 local community leaders within the non-profit sector. During the meetings, they observed and experienced local conditions along with the women and children who live it everyday. These meetings focused on developing partnerships in three key areas of Recurso‘s mission: health, water, and hygiene.

Plans to bring approximately 20 to 25 volunteers to the area later this year are in the works.

We’ll have more updates from the field in the next few days, so subscribe to our blog to make sure you don’t miss anything.


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