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Queen Rania Speaks Global Change and Education at CGI 2012

Image via Queen Rania’s Facebook Page

“Technology is not only for the individual, it’s for humanity.”

This week, here in New York, Her Majesty Queen Rania Al Abdullah joined President Bill Clinton, United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon and World Bank President Jim Young Kim at the eight annual Clinton Global Initiative.

The opening panel, held on Sunday September 23, entitled “Designing for Impact,” focused on the how citizens of the world could cultivate an environment where their lives and the lives of those around them can serve as vehicles for change.

Image via Queen Rania’s Facebook Page

“We need to focus on the future to shift gears immediately, from dissecting the past to designing the future.”

Queen Rania spoke about the need to cultivate today’s technological advances and innovations in order to address the globe’s fundamental deficiencies and she stressed that the world need to find ways to utilize small ideas (and businesses) to implement greater global ideas:

“One of the most yawning gaps that you see in the Arab world is youth unemployment and I think that doesn’t just apply to the Arab world, it applies to the whole world.”

Image via Queen Rania’s Facebook Page

Education, which has always been an important part of Her Majesty’s campaign for growth in the Arab world and internationally, was also addressed.

She reiterated her belief that educational systems need to be re-engineered to narrow the gap between “education outcomes” and the global market’s call for more specialized skilled laborers (in the larger picture closing the North-South Divide).

Image via Queen Rania’s Facebook Page

Her Majesty’s sentiments were echoed by United Nations Secretary-General Ban-Ki Moon who said,

“We need to harness technology, and we really need to lead by learning, because education is absolutely fundamental.”


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