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So Excited About the Chimes of Freedom

Pete Seeger is on there, as is Joan Baez.

Queens of the Stoneage is one there, as is Carly Simon.

K’NAAN is on there, as is Dave Matthews Band.

Adele is on there, as is Jack’s Mannequin.

Kronos Quartet is on there, as is Flogging Molly and Joe Perry.

It’s no secret that a lot of musical artists promote songs and create albums centered around creating a better world.

The last ‘big’ album came out nearly two years ago around Relief for Haiti.

However, the latest one is a collection of songs that we’re very excited about.

We love Bob Dylan.

Like a lot.

So with the “Chimes of Freedom” being released today, we’re very excited to hear such a musical genius interpreted by some of the world’s greatest musicians.

The collection of music is a collaboration between Bob Dylan and Amnesty International for the non-profit’s 50th Anniversary.

Besides the fact that Bob Dylan never, ever, ever licenses his music (neither does Prince, FYI) for soundtracks, movies etc. he licensed them for this.

The four CD album collection (also available for individual track purchase and digital copy on or iTunes) includes over 70 unreleased tracks by over 80 artists.


There is even a whole campaign centered around it on Spotify (where we took our first listen!)

Our favourite track?

The rendition of “Mr. Tambourine Man”  by Jack’s Mannequin followed closely by Natasha Bedingfield’s rendition of “Ring Them Bells.”

What’s your favourite inspirational song?

Tell us!

We want to create a Recurso-inspired playlist.

All suggestions welcome! :)

Sasha x


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