About Us


Recurso, a Spanish word for “resource or refuge”, is a 501(c)(3) international non-profit organization that began in May 1999.

Recurso is dedicated to improving the human condition by empowering students across the nation to provide direct sustainable development and aid. Recurso’s three areas of concentration are: health, water, and education. This includes promoting primary education, quality health care, dental hygiene education, the building of schools and providing school supplies to our global community partners.


Recurso aspires to heal the disparity between those suffering from inequality in developing countries and today’s ambitious generation. Recurso will provide them with the resources to become future leaders in the developmental and humanitarian aid field. These leaders will become the voice of those who suffer and empower them to fight for equal opportunities, the right to an education and a healthy life.


Recurso is dedicated to improving the human condition. Recurso’s core values emphasize:

  • Every human being has the right to equal resources and opportunities.
  • Every person has the power to produce change in the world.
  • Through awareness and collaboration, all problems can find solutions.

We believe each Recurso chapter will engage its students through educational programs, service trips and community events. Community service will shape young people and create altruists, the most powerful tools for development and change.