Where We Work

Recurso collaborates with organizations around the world in various capacities such as school supply drives, emergency aid and building schools. Click on the leaves to see where Recurso has active programs:


Ponle Corazón

Las Delicias AfterSchool Program

In Peru, Recurso recently created a partnership with a community church organization called “La Luz en Las Delicias”. Recurso has agreed to help  create an afterschool area for the local children of the members of the church and surrounding community.

Due to the high volume of poverty in Las Delicias, this afterschool area is much needed. The church area consists of concrete floors with a straw door, a black garbage bag tarp for a roof and brick exterior walls. Recurso is working to raise funds to build a stationary roof at least over the back part of the building so that this area can be used for the children’s afterschool area.

Thanks to the generosity of The PIMCO Foundation, 10 computers have been donated to Recurso to be installed in this back area as part of an afterschool computer lab. This lab will give the children free access to computers to do their homework and learn. This will also serve as a safe place for the children so that their parents and many single moms can work while a qualified church member and teacher are taking care of the kids.

In Peru, Recurso previously worked hand in hand with the Peruvian Cancer Society which aims at curing children diagnosed with cancer. Equipped with an up-to-date technology and hospital, this institution houses over 200 patients in 100 rooms, giving shelter to children between the ages of 2 and 12 years old.

Since 1999, Recurso has been named the official international delegation of Ponle Corazón in the United States. From 1999 to 2011, Recurso funneled chemotherapy treatments, constructed more rooms to house patients, planned for Christmas festivities for the children, and purchased electrocardiographs and rolling beds for infants.

Peru has also been the host country for international service trips. The first international service trip to Peru was in May 2006.


Global Health and International Summer Programs

In Nicaragua, both the University of Florida and the University of Nebraska help us accomplish our Global Initiatives. Please visit Global Health Program and International Service Programs for more information.


Guarderia Infantil Virgen del Camino

Recurso aids the Guarderia Infantil Virgen del Camino nursery with clothing, toy, and monetary donations. This aids in the education of over 300 children under the age of seven. All of the children housed at this nursery are from the most marginal and destitute parts of Zona 13, a district of Guatemala City, Guatemala.