Who We Are

Eva Rosales, Founder

Born in Peru, Eva quickly became a nomad at the age of four. Living her childhood throughout Latin America she was exposed to different parts of the world, cultures, and points of view. Eva enjoys traveling to unconventional destinations such as Iran and one of her biggest passions is learning languages. She is scared of planes and frogs, tadpoles included. Eva used to fence during college and received her Bachelor’s in Political Science and French, a Certificate of Merit in International Relations, a Minor in Portuguese from the University of Florida and her Master’s in International Affairs from Columbia University.


Rick Solari, Media Consultant

Rick is a jack of all trades, along with his great deal of knowledge of various multiple forms of media, from pictures and video to film and print.  Rick lives in South Florida and works as an IT Manager for a Fortune 500 company as well as a Project Manager for a local production studio. In his free time he likes playing his bass for his band and loves volunteering at his local church helping youth and young adults. Rick dislikes the hot humid summers of South Florida and regrets not traveling as much as he would like to. Along with his great love of multiple television shows, he’s a really big fan of Fox’s hit show Glee.


Jennifer Ortiz, Marketing and Web Development Director

Jennifer is a dreamer and truth-teller with an enormous soft-spot for children. She is a born and bred South Floridian with Cuban roots. Beyond Recurso, Jennifer is a freelance writer, blogger, and social media specialist who has worked with charities, small businesses, and Fortune 100 companies. She’s also the author of Historic Photos of Cuban Miami. Jennifer dislikes wastefulness, pickles, and the smell of old coffee. She loves Jazz, tickling her son, and practicing yoga. Like Rick, she’s a total Gleek.


Sasha Muradali, Public Relations and Emerging Media Director

Sasha is a cosmopolitan Miamian currently residing in NYC who lives in a world of sugar and spice and everything nice. Along with her great talents working with international charities and Fortune 100 companies, she’s the founder and writer of the Little Pink Blog. As a public relations and media mastermind, she’s immensely passionate for economic development and international affairs. She dislikes selfishness, wastefulness, and arrogant egos. Sasha loves to dance, caipirinhas, the color pink, and reading anything from Paulo Coelho.


Reuben Rojas, Event Director

Reuben is an eternal sailor, always looking to discover something new. From Miami to Malaysia, Reuben’s Cuban roots stay strong. Born and raised with rice and beans, salsa and merengue, shouting and laughing in Hialeah, Florida, he loves to hang out with his family and work on his antique cars.  Reuben dislikes fake smiles and bad wine. Over everything, he is an artist.  Furthermore, he studied Advertising with a minor in International Relations at the University of Florida and University of Seville, then sailed five continents with Royal Caribbean International as a systems engineer. Currently he’s working on upstarting his own humanitarian projects in film.